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Restorify is a sustainability-meets-technology solution from Razer that enables the calculation of carbon footprint for mass consumer products and provides traceable carbon offsets for our gamers.

In Razer, we adopt a "Reduction as top priority, Recycle whenever possible, Restore as the last resort" approach to limit the environmental footprint of our products (find out about our goals). As responsible consumers, gamers can opt to offset their carbon footprint and mitigate the impact of their purchases on the environment.

Why Restorify?


We are aware that there are still growing pains when it comes to carbon offsetting and that not all carbon credits are equal.

As such, Restorify, our carbon offset program, only works with carbon offset projects certified by recognized registries. To avoid double counting and for better accountability, carbon credits have been set aside for our valued customers and will be retired in advance of your purchase.


Our team has developed a model to calculate carbon emissions based on the life cycle assessments and emission factors of product categories available in the market. As details specific to each product and brand are limited, the carbon footprint calculation is an estimate. Our model takes into consideration product type, general material composition and product weight in estimating the product emissions.


To maximize our impact on the environment, we have started to curate a diverse portfolio of high-quality carbon credit projects of which they must adhere to the following 4 principles:


Our solution is designed to be a simple and straightforward integration to your platform.

To find out more, contact us through the form below.


  • How do I know that I am contributing to carbon reduction?

    Your payment represents your contribution towards our carbon offset program. Our carbon offset program has set aside carbon credits for our valued customers and will retire these carbon credits from recognized registries in advance of your purchase. The retirement of the carbon credits in advance of your purchase aims to avoid double counting and ensures that the carbon credits that have been set aside are responsibly utilized for the purpose of this program. More information on the carbon credit project will be shared upon delivery of your purchase.

  • What do I receive from my purchase of carbon credits?

    You will receive an electronic certificate, upon point of delivery, that provides information on your offset unique identification number, total amount of carbon emissions offset and project information.