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Razer Cortex: Gamecaster

Stream in High-Quality with One Click

Sleek Unobtrusive
In-Game UI

Record Video and Screenshots

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What actual Cortex users are saying:
“Great concept! Amazing features! 10/10, would download again!”

Live Streams Your Game in One Click

Razer Cortex: Gamecaster helps you to start recording or streaming with the push of a key, without any drops in frame rate. This lightweight software doesn’t compromise on performance as it allows you to show off what you have to everyone easier and faster than ever before.

  • twitch
  • youtube
  • Azubu

Streams and Captures Your Awesome Game Action

There are some in-game moments that need to be immortalized, like your guild getting server first for a raid boss, or a speed run, or even your epic pentakill. Cortex: Gamecaster allows you to stream, record and screenshot your view-worthy moments regardless of what game you’re playing. Unlike many other apps, Cortex: Gamecaster does not put limits on the length of your recording or unsightly watermarks, allowing your viewers to focus on your in-game action, completely distraction-free.

capture screenshot
What actual Cortex users are saying:
“It's great! Does everything it promises efficiently!”

Works Unobtrusively with Your Favorite Titles

The sleek in-game UI is designed to be low-key, so it stays discreet yet accessible whenever you’re gaming. Enjoy easy access to all the essential broadcasting and recording features without distractions, regardless of whether you’re burning rubber for first place or in the middle of a godlike killing streak.

Upgradable for Features Fit for Pros

As you delve deeper into the streaming world, you need more to set yourself apart. With Razer Cortex: Gamecaster Pro, you can customize your BRB screen and showcase your own image overlay to create your own brand of entertainment, then show pro tips or visual cues with the use of onscreen annotations. Spice things up with the green screen effect (chroma key) on your webcam footage as you stream in full 1080p, then instantly get your viewers’ reactions and more via in-game Twitch Chat. By upgrading to Cortex: Gamecaster Pro, you’ll change your game like never before.

pro screenshot
Free PRO
Streaming resolution 1080p
(up to 720p without watermark)
Frames per second 30 60
Automatic Be Right Back Screen
In-stream webcam display
Webcam Chromakey
Custom overlay images
In-game Twitch Chat
Price Free 3 month license
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Getting Started


What is Razer Cortex: Gamecaster?

Razer Cortex: Gamecaster is an easy to use live-streaming feature available in the free Razer Cortex gaming software. With Gamecaster you can easily stream your gameplay footage onto networks like Azubu, Twitch and YouTube. On top of that Gamecaster also allows you to capture gameplay footage in video and screenshots.

Do I need the Pro version to live-stream my gameplay?

Live-streaming is available in the free version of Gamecaster. Subscribing to Pro will grant you access to premium features such as on-screen annotations, unlimited resolution while streaming at 60 frames per second without any watermarks and in-game Twitch chat among other handy features to spruce up your stream.

How much technical knowledge do I need to use Gamecaster?

None! Gamecaster is designed to be easily used by anyone. You can start your live stream in just a few quick steps by either pressing a hotkey combination or through the in-game overlay which pops up whenever you need it.